Christmas Carols in Summer

Usually, after about January or so you stop hearing Christmas Carols played on the radio.  You would almost without question not expect to hear any type of christmas music after mid-February or so – much less would you even think about hearing Christmas carols in the summer months of June, July, or August!  But sometimes you will hear Christmas Music in summer!

So, why would you hear Christmas Carols in Summer?

1.  Probably one of the most common reasons would be recordings.  Often during the summer months, groups and bands are getting their newest CDs ready for winter release.  Instead of waiting until the last minute, often these groups will start their recordings in the summertime – meaning groups such as bands, choirs, and singers all will be singing merry tunes during the hot months.

2.  One of the most frequent places people hear Christmas tunes during the summer is on Rhapsody….and many people do not like it! So, if people don’t like to hear these tunes at the wrong time of year, why is it happening?  Often it is because sometimes the songs become so popular during the wintertime that it carries over and affects ranking, causing the songs to be played during the summertime as well.

3.  Sometimes you’ll hear Christmas Carols during the Summertime simply because people get the songs stuck in their heads, and so find themselves humming the tunes, much to the annoyance of everyone around them.

4.  Another reason you might hear carols at the wrong time of the year is simply because of the different areas / regions of the world.  For example, in Australia, Christmas is celebrated during the summer months of the Northern Hemisphere.  So while it’s play-in-the-sun time for those folks in North America, on the other side of the world, Australians are being jolly and merry with their winter traditions which of course include caroling and songs!

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