Track Santa

Yes, you can track santa as he makes his rounds around the world! The official way to track santa is by using the Norad Santa Tracker!

NORAD stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command. It is an agency charged with preventing air attacks on North America. In their free tie each Christmas they also track Santa Clause!

It all started in 1955 when a little girl called the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center (CONAD) asking where Santa Clause was. She got the phone number from an ad that urged kids to call Santa and incorrectly listed CONAD’s phone number.

As the calls started to flood into CONAD, the men on duty answered every call by looking up where Santa should be and answering each question. After this, a tradition was born! NORAD has carried on the tradition of tracking Santa since then! Calls, emails, and online requests come in all during Christmas asking where Santa is, and NORAD answers those questions, providing one of the best trackings in the world of Santa on his journey to bring happiness to boys and girls in every country!

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