Traditional Christmas Recipes

American Christmas Recipes Popular In the United States…

To have a traditional Christmas dinner, you’ll need to start out with the correct items, and the correct recipes. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need:

  • Gingerbread – This is a true traditional for the holidays, and is extremely easy to make.  The traditional recipe includes the spices of ginger, cinammon and cloves.  Gingerbread is often cut into different shapes to make “gingerbread men”, and is also used around christmas to make “gingerbread houses”.
  • Sugar Cookies – What would Christmas be without sugar cookies?  The cookies are extremely popular because they can be shaped into different Christmas designs.  Traditionally you’ll see Sugar Cookies shaped in every holiday shape from Santa to snowmen to reindeer to candy canes to stars and trees.  Sprinkles and colored sugar traditionally top this tasty treat.
  • Christmas Ham – The Christmas ham is typical Christmas dinner fare and is also sometimes called the Yule Ham.
    • When searching for Christmas Ham recipes, you can search for “Baked Ham”.  Paula Deen has a fairly easy Christmas Ham Recipe.